Yule prelude

So your Facebook must have been spammed already with tree’s, balls, garlands and loads of red and white by now, and of course the traditional “damn its cold” posts. Clearly signs of my favorite season and holiday, before I learned about vikings it was Christmas and now its Yule (its 12 days who can not switch :p).


I have gathered books and lore from all over and am planning to share what knowledge I’ve gathered during the Yule days, that means from 19 to 31 I will be posting everyday. I will try including cooking recepis I’ve found online (pinterest whooo) and maybe some crafts. I won’t be showing any altar or tree since I have no space what so ever to put one, we can only hope that Njord will look to us the coming year so we can buy our own little place.


There we go, keep an eye out for the next post.

Teylingen, the end of the season

The car is unpacked, the shoes are greased, all that needs mending is waiting for my needle and tread, the signs that the season has ended are bittersweet. Sweet because we just had another fantastic weekend and bitter because we will have to miss so many wonderful people for a long time.


Just like with the Thing we arrived on Friday afternoon and set up rather quickly, I think we needed a little then an hour to set the whole thing up. The hubby made a centerpost for the tarp and now it looks a lot better, the middle doesn’t sag down and we down have to keep our heads down anymore. We then went to say hello to all our friends and that number keeps growing its wonderful 🙂

Saturday was the official start and the first thing we did was go buy a couple of things we thought useful, like a bucket, a small basket, a new hat for the hubby, a blow horn (so we can start a howl :-)) , 2 pendants and 2 new awesome beakers.

enjoy the pictures below ^-^



Viking Thing

A day late I know, but I have been very sick yesterday and I really didn’t feel like starting up my pc. So below the full “report” on our first Viking Thing. All pictures are courtesy of Inge Devos Photography 



The viking thing is a yearly event organised by the Njardar belgian vikings, this year was the fourth edition and our first 🙂 We had a fantastic time and great weather, we were able to set up Friday after noon so all was ready and set for visitors on Saturday. I’m still amazed how fast we can set up our geteld, after 10 minutes our tent was set and we started with the tarpaulin (which went surprisingly easy with just us 2, considering last time we needed to go ask for a hand).


Around 10 pm we were invited to a bonfire opening of the weekend with a horn of mead being passed around and a horn of apple juice for the kids :p needless to say we drank our fair share before turning in.


Saturday there was an official opening of the Thing with a ceremony for the gods, we said thanks for the past year and left offerings for the year to come. Again a horn was passed around and some people said kind words, words about lost relatives and friends. It was very touching, I have to admit I had to fight back tears at some point.



There was also an archery contest that hubby wanted to take part in, so he went to practice for about an hour and he was hitting the target right in the middle. But when the contest started his shots sucked and he “lost”. Better luck next time.


And of course you cant have a thing without a decent market, look at all those pretty skins. Hubby bought a sheep and I’m jealous its that pretty, long gray wool and super warm.


We have had a wonderful time and we already are looking forward to next year, last stop this year is Teylingen which is next week.


Still have loads to do, fix hubby’s tunic, finish sewing on the rabbits to my kaftan, finish hubby’s gloves… PFFFF


Viking Thing preview

Hey all, so we are back from the fourth edition of the Viking Thing and I will be posting a full report on Friday. Since I forgot my camera at home, I will have to borrow some pictures from this great photographer Inge Devos.

So for now the only pictures we took ourselves, well the hubby did, with his phone.


Better late then never

So I haven’t posted in waaaayyy to long and I promised a post every week, mea culpa, Im sorry 😦


21855625This is the book I bought at Castlefest and I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised, it was a very good read and I’m rather upset I didn’t take home the second book.

The story is located in the country Riona, a land torn apart by war, in which a young girl grows up as a slave. Turns out she is the long lost daughter of the old rulers and destined for greatness, the goddess of Riona helps the girl in her quest for vengeance and her rightful place on the throne.

I met the author at Castlefest and she was super nice, Femke De Vos is actually from Belgium and better yet from my province (West-Vlaanderen). We had a little chat where she asked us what we liked to read and explained a bit what books she had on the stand (all book from the same publisher called Celtica publishing), what I liked the most about her is that she first recommended a book from an other author because she thought I would like it better. After I read a random page (yes this is how i choose books, I flip it open on a random page and read it. If I like it it comes home if not it stay on the stand) I declined that book and she suggested her book. Same technique here and I have to admit I was doubtful, I liked what I read but after reading the backflap I wasn’t so sure anymore and the hubby just told me to take it (one can never have too many books)

The cover doesn’t scream fancy but trust me its a great book at the moment its only available in dutch, but I hope she will get it translated. I think I’ll go pick up the sequel next month.

I have also started reading the Marked book series, whiiii vampires ^-^ I bought the first and second book at a yard sale so I fear its going to be a search to find the 4 other book in the series 🙂


So that’s it for now, in 2 weeks we go to the Thing at Elewijt and I still have loads to do.


Whiiiii we are back from Castlefest, it was our 4th time and it seems like it get a little better every year. This is basically my halfway Christmas since I look forward to it just as much.


For the ones who don’t know Castlefest its kinda like comicon meets medieval fair, its shops as far as the eye can see, folk/fantasy band the whole day long and then there’s the costumes, victorian, steampunk, fantasy, reenactors, cosplayers,…. You name it, its probably walking around there 🙂


I always take my camera along but then end up forgetting it or not taking enough pictures, this year is no different 😦




Hubby reluctantly posing with a larp spear


awesome body paint


This is Linny L’a Vante go check her out on facebook!


i loved this but then again i love toothless


Prima Nocta


Prima Nocta


Boar head walkingstick


more bodypaint, though the headdress deserves credit here


more bodypaint



i got lazy, sat down and took pictures of the people passing by



ah rest…

That’s it for this year, I didn’t take loot pictures as I usually do but the main pieces are a new purse, a new dress for a wedding (needs to be taken in but I can do that), Munckin Quest, a birthday gift for the mommy in law, mead! of course oh and a new book  wich when finished I wil review 🙂 :p hubby got a couple of archery items and a new belt pouch. I think thats about it, but it was heavy enough dragging it around 🙂


Last week of august is Viking festival at Archeon from 25/08 until 28/08 and then it a little less then a month before The Thing which will be our second event as participants 375231b0u2vl2i27