Hello, my name is Kyra. I’m a 25 year old vintage enthusiast who is also a viking reenactor and an odinist. An odd combination in an odd person.

I live in Belgium with my husband and our cat, Dust. After a rough period we decided to move back in with his parents so we could save enough money for a little place of our own. This sometimes leads to teeth grinding moments but mostly we are a warm family.

I have been known to spend my free days on Pinterest, I love a good DIY and i will try it out if the materials are at my disposal. However on said free days I also love to binge watch one of my favorite show’s ( game of thrones, grimm, outlander, sherlock,…) to great despair of my husband.

As for the reenacting, my and my husband got the bug at a viking market back in February 2015 and are hooked ever since, so badly that we are awaiting the delivery of our first tent and are learning some crafts to display at future markets.

 we have our own facebook page called jormungandr nordsea vikings, feel free to follow us.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and have a great day.


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