Late report of Archeon Easter weekend

Good evening, I have a blaring head ache, I’m high on anti-biotics and I cant sleep. So why not (finally) do my report on Archeon.


We had a great time, except for the first night, and we bought a lot of goodies while staying in our budget. Yay.

So first of all, it was our very first time at Archeon as non-visitors and I was fucking stoked about it. So we arrived at the back entrance like all big shots, after a wobbly road down, like what is it with Dutch people and road bumps. Talked to the guy in charge who showed us our spot, well basically ” This whole green place, wherever you want.”  Whoohoo we were on the same area as the organisation so we could totally prove our worth.

We set up camp fairly easy, no screaming and shouting at eatch other which was nice, and it went pretty fast so before we knew it we went to stalk our neighbors the Njardars :p We spent every evening with them, steal some heat from their fire and give them booze. So first night everyone is tired from setting up, we talk a while and then it started to rain, which was our goodnight que. We turned in for the night while the rain was getting harder and the wind was picking up really bad, I never sleep well at viking weekends but let me tell you I was very edgy that night. And then it happend, 3am CRASH, our tarpaulin came down and suddenly we were outside getting wet and freezing our asses off. Getting the damn thing to stand up again and set it a bit better hoping it would hold, idle hope. About 15 minutes later we hear the goddamn CRASH sound again, so while cursing every possible god we went back out in the poring rain, in pyjama’s and really fucking close to a breakdown thinking what to fuck are we doing here. We tried to get it back up but the wind wasn’t letting us, so hubby wrapped the tarpaulin up and shoved it in a chair ” We will see tomorrow”. We go back in the tent and ,lo and behold, there were small puddles of water all over the place, more inward screaming. The bed was dry so we tried, really tried hard, to get some sleep.

Next morning I dried up the puddles and we checked our tarpaulin, turns out one of our welded rings ,fucking welded, popped during the storm. It broke and was bend, total shit. We couldn’t set it free standing anymore, so we attached it on to the tent and let it stand with 2 poles in front like the first time we set up.


First time we set up

So after this disastrous night, I wanted to get some shopping out of the way (we dont need anything doesn’t last long) We went to pick up a custom made candle holder from our friends at Daugava (I’ll get some pics of it in the morning and put them on), we had a chat and then went for the rest of the park. The Easter event is never big so we were done pretty fast and when going back to our tent, we were set up right between the picknick area and the playground, a kid started swinging our axe around. A duet of “hey, put that down! that’s not a toy!” and “you might hurt yourself, that is a sharp axe” he dropped it and looked at his mom in confusion.

Let me tell you Dutch folks are pretty shameless, which is fun when you want to explain stuff because they really ask questions, its not so fun when they start snooping around in your tent or grabbing axes to swing around.

The next days were pretty normal and suddenly we were Monday morning, hubby got some training done with the Njardars and Daugava and me? Well I was going to blow the rest of my budget or damnwell try. The new additions to our kit are 2 wooden plates, a game of hnefatafl, a purse (hedeby style), needle bound sox and a cute card woven belt.

We went on to play hnefatafl for a while, I’m actually good at it and I beat the husband a good amount of time. So many times, I got bored if winning and he was sick of losing :p

Around 4-ish I started to get dizzy and sick to my stomach, of course I have everything for a headache but nothing for tummy aches. We broke camp very fast and again no screaming or shouting at each other, like a prefect couple. We were done in 30 minutes and went on to say our goodbye’s, which took another good 30 minutes :p

Turns out I had a bad sunburn, I had a tomato colored face with a heat stroke to go right with it. Imagine that while sitting at  McDonald’s with 6 chicken nuggets, you really dont want to eat but your husband might force them down, and kids screaming around. Lets just say I was happy to get back in the car and start the 3 hour drive home.

440723aasr90zpk9This turned to be more of a rant :s but we actually had fun and we are dying to go again, this time with a new tarpaulin. But a new tarp isn’t in our budget at the moment, we bought a house, so all our budget is going to the renovations (I might do a post when its all over). But by next season, I hope, a new tarp should be a fact.


Viking Thing preview

Hey all, so we are back from the fourth edition of the Viking Thing and I will be posting a full report on Friday. Since I forgot my camera at home, I will have to borrow some pictures from this great photographer Inge Devos.

So for now the only pictures we took ourselves, well the hubby did, with his phone.


Tent Testrun and visit to Quondam

Yay progress :p So this weekend we went to a camping site the hubby has been going to since he was little to test the tent. We came in Friday night around 9 pm and quickly set up camp, I’m still amazed how fast the geteld is set up even with a tarpaulin attached it took us less then an hour to set up the tent.


After the tent was set up we needed about 30 minutes to set up the rest, the airbed taking the longest of all ( We just realized why, our pump is broken. It has a tear down the bottom so we lost a large amount of air). As we were setting up we realized we had no hammer of flashlights with us, we had to borrow a hammer and for lighting we had to use our lanterns like real vikings used to :p.


We use a couple of modern picknick blankets, they have a plastic bottom and a woolish top. So the cold was halted a little from the bottom and all the moist stayed under it. We are not planning on leaving our tent open at events so its not important to have an authentic inside, we can go for modern comfort. There is a fleece blanket covering the airbed (again to halt the cold), a tick woolen blanket to cover us and  not shown on the picture we had to buy another woolen blanket on quondam because it was really cold at night. For winter events such as Teylingen we will need to bring Pj’s and maybe another blanket.


enjoying the view with the woolen blanket on my shoulders from quondam


So Saterday came and we went to Quondam, of course in the whole stress and rush I forgot my camera, so no pictures of quondam. 😦

We arrived rather late so some shows were already over and honestly we didn’t come for any of the shows, we came for the stalls and to make good bargains (which we did 🙂 ) Our friends from Taranartos were there as well and we got to say hi to them again 375231b0u2vl2i27

Loot time 😀


I have no idea how they call this but it holds a toothpick, tweezers, an earspoon and a small spear to clean your nails


These beauty’s were a bargain, they needed some cleaning when i got them but look how pretty they are now


Hubby loot :p He had been “nagging” about a bow for viking markets and tataaa he finally got one 😀

Also got my hands on a straw hat for sunny days since I get heat strokes VERY fast and the woolen blanket that is around my shoulders.

Well my budget flew out the door and now its time to save for litha fest which is fast approaching and i honestly cant wait.

Science my friend

So I have just come across this article about mead and I just had to share it with you all, It is now officially healthy to drink a glass of mead! Scientist even believe that mead is the reason vikings were healthier and lived longer then the average medieval citizen, it may be the answer to their antibiotic resistance.

Mead is made from honey and water and we all know (in some extend) that honey has antibiotic abilities, water isn’t bad either right :p

so I’ll just copy the article below, if you want to read it on the original site you can read it here.

This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance


Scientists in Sweden are launching their own mead – an alcoholic beverage made from a fermented mix of honey and water – based on old recipes which they say could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Together with a brewery, the scientists who have long studied bees and their honey, have launched their own mead drink – Honey Hunter’s Elixir.

Lund University researcher Tobias Olofsson said mead had a long track record in bringing positive effects on health.

“Mead is an alcoholic drink made with just honey and water and it was regarded as the drink of the gods and you could become immortal or sustain a better health if you drank it. It was drunk by the Vikings for example and other cultures such as the Mayas, the Egyptians and it was a drink that was regarded as a very beneficial drink,” said Olofsson.

Honey production is key to the research. In previous research published in 2014, Olofsson and Alejandra Vasquez discovered that lactic acid bacteria found in the honey stomach of bees, mixed with honey itself, could cure chronic wounds in horses that had proved resistant to treatment.


They said their research had proven that these bacteria have the power to collaborate and kill off all the human pathogens they have been tested against, including resistant ones. They are doing so by producing hundreds of antibacterial antibiotic-like substances.

What makes Honey Hunter’s Elixir different from other types of modern mead drinks is that is uses all 13 beneficial honeybee lactic acid bacteria and the wild yeasts from honey that normally ferment mead spontaneously.

According to the team, commercial honey does not contain these bacteria. Since the honey and water mixture is sterilized before later adding industrial wine yeast, all other life in the honey, including wild yeast, is killed off.

The researchers say the drink contains 100 billion of these 13 different living and collaborating lactic acid bacteria

Olofsson said they believed mead could have been the most efficient historical equivalent to today’s antibiotics and they see Honey Hunter’s Elixir as a possible way of preventing infections.

“Well, we’ve seen in our research that the honey bees actually add great flora of lactic acid bacteria in honey so the mead, when produced, is actually fermented by these lactic acid bacteria together with wild yeasts and the lactic acid bacteria can really kill off all the dangerous pathogens that are even resistant against antibiotics. So our thinking is that the mead, when you consume the mead, these (antibacterial substances in) lactic acid bacteria in the drink can actually be transferred to your blood and help you when you are infected with dangerous bacteria or promote health, preventing infections,” Olofsson said.

In 2005 Olofsson and Vasquez discovered that many beneficial bacteria reside within honey-bees in a structure called honey crop, which is the organ where honeybees collect nectar for honey production.

As a result, their research has since focused on how this can be applied to functional foods, as alternative medical tools against infections and bee health.

The mead is part of this research which is summarized on the website

“We will have volunteers drinking this drink and measure different parameters to see if the compounds the bacteria produce could end up in the blood system and for that to cause a prevention or a cure for infections,” Vasquez said, adding that more research was needed.

“We don’t really know at the moment exactly which kind of infectious disease we could counteract in the future because we need to understand this thoroughly. At the moment we know that the bacteria produce very interesting compounds, a lot of different weapons like antibiotics but a lot of them that collaborate and those weapons or the key in use in this viable bacteria in the future,” she said.

If human trials are successful it could help doctors overturn the growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria, in both First World countries and also in the developing world where fresh honey is more readily accessible than antibiotics.

In recent years antibiotic resistance has become a critical issue for global health, with an ever increasing number of strains of bacteria developing immunity.


OH yes before i forget, the weather gods were kind to us this weekend and we were finally able to set up our tent

hurrah! After cutting about 20cm from the top pole that was too large for the tent, it was surprisingly easy and fast to set up and it is huge. Meaning jormungandr vikings have a place to sleep now ^-^ just need a bed and sheets and well basicly the whole inside oh and a tarpauling but we are getting to that.

Keeping busy during the winterbreak

Since the winter break started I have been postponing my viking related crafts, I still have a lot to do before next season. My husband however has been very busy with the table he made, trying to set up our tent while it looked like it was going to be a good day, he even designed and painted a flag for our group.

Me however, I started needlebinding a glove and it stayed half done for over a month, I have 2 hoods to make and my serk and hangrok need some adaptation.

I got my shit together this weekend and finally finished that one glove and I even started on the second one (yay me).


glove one nearly done

I really like needlebinding its the only “knitting” I don’t screw up since its to simple and easy to do.


Glove one done and nr 2 in the making ^-^

I was shown how to needlebind by a lovely lady at the archeon easter viking market. Well actually my husband was shown since he would needlebind, he ended up taking over my cardweaving and I got into needlebinding. We had just bought the bone needle from the Otilia clan stand, when I spotted the lovely German lady busy making gloves (I think). So I got all my bravery together and asked her if she could show us how its done, of course she could show us. She motioned my husband to go sit next to her and with utmost care she explained step by step, it took about 30 minutes before he got the hang of it but eventually he had a nice strand in Oslo stitch ( which is the only stitch I master :s).

When we got home he told me he didn’t like needlebinding and I took to youtube for video’s on how to, we weren’t going to let that needle go to waste. I found this one lady who’s video’s are the best in my opinion and other then trying to show you my step by step, I’ll just link you to her youtube channel. There isn’t a chance I could explain it the way she does. So if you want to give it a shot HERE is where you need to be.

And last but not least, I can now announce the secret event we are invited to.

Litha Fest is a celtic and viking gathering to celebrate the summer solstice, there will be a market, workshops, concerts, live cooking,..,…
There will be so much to do, I cant wait.


A small step for man a giant step for Jormungandr Nordsea vikings

We are moving forward in bounds and are making great progress, we all ready have all our bowls and cups, a tripod ( which my husband tested as soon as we got it) and a kettle.


He made his own little table


And since Saturday we are now the proud owners of our very own tent.

sorry for the crappy pictures.

My husband was able to get a pole together and was amazed by the size, he wanted to start putting the tent up seeing the first rays of sunshine but the weather has not been our friend thought, we are waiting for a couple dry days to be able to set it up.


look at the size of this thing O.o

So until the sun decides to join us for a couple days, I will have to make do with example photo’s from the website.

Our main concern was if we would have enough space, but I think we will be fine seeing the size of the one pole.

Our first event has also been booked, its a secret for now but as soon as its announced officially I’ll post about it. I honestly cant wait for the season to start!