Yule prelude

So your Facebook must have been spammed already with tree’s, balls, garlands and loads of red and white by now, and of course the traditional “damn its cold” posts. Clearly signs of my favorite season and holiday, before I learned about vikings it was Christmas and now its Yule (its 12 days who can not switch :p).


I have gathered books and lore from all over and am planning to share what knowledge I’ve gathered during the Yule days, that means from 19 to 31 I will be posting everyday. I will try including cooking recepis I’ve found online (pinterest whooo) and maybe some crafts. I won’t be showing any altar or tree since I have no space what so ever to put one, we can only hope that Njord will look to us the coming year so we can buy our own little place.


There we go, keep an eye out for the next post.


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