Teylingen, the end of the season

The car is unpacked, the shoes are greased, all that needs mending is waiting for my needle and tread, the signs that the season has ended are bittersweet. Sweet because we just had another fantastic weekend and bitter because we will have to miss so many wonderful people for a long time.


Just like with the Thing we arrived on Friday afternoon and set up rather quickly, I think we needed a little then an hour to set the whole thing up. The hubby made a centerpost for the tarp and now it looks a lot better, the middle doesn’t sag down and we down have to keep our heads down anymore. We then went to say hello to all our friends and that number keeps growing its wonderful 🙂

Saturday was the official start and the first thing we did was go buy a couple of things we thought useful, like a bucket, a small basket, a new hat for the hubby, a blow horn (so we can start a howl :-)) , 2 pendants and 2 new awesome beakers.

enjoy the pictures below ^-^




Viking Thing

A day late I know, but I have been very sick yesterday and I really didn’t feel like starting up my pc. So below the full “report” on our first Viking Thing. All pictures are courtesy of Inge Devos Photography 



The viking thing is a yearly event organised by the Njardar belgian vikings, this year was the fourth edition and our first 🙂 We had a fantastic time and great weather, we were able to set up Friday after noon so all was ready and set for visitors on Saturday. I’m still amazed how fast we can set up our geteld, after 10 minutes our tent was set and we started with the tarpaulin (which went surprisingly easy with just us 2, considering last time we needed to go ask for a hand).


Around 10 pm we were invited to a bonfire opening of the weekend with a horn of mead being passed around and a horn of apple juice for the kids :p needless to say we drank our fair share before turning in.


Saturday there was an official opening of the Thing with a ceremony for the gods, we said thanks for the past year and left offerings for the year to come. Again a horn was passed around and some people said kind words, words about lost relatives and friends. It was very touching, I have to admit I had to fight back tears at some point.



There was also an archery contest that hubby wanted to take part in, so he went to practice for about an hour and he was hitting the target right in the middle. But when the contest started his shots sucked and he “lost”. Better luck next time.


And of course you cant have a thing without a decent market, look at all those pretty skins. Hubby bought a sheep and I’m jealous its that pretty, long gray wool and super warm.


We have had a wonderful time and we already are looking forward to next year, last stop this year is Teylingen which is next week.


Still have loads to do, fix hubby’s tunic, finish sewing on the rabbits to my kaftan, finish hubby’s gloves… PFFFF