Better late then never

So I haven’t posted in waaaayyy to long and I promised a post every week, mea culpa, Im sorry 😦


21855625This is the book I bought at Castlefest and I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised, it was a very good read and I’m rather upset I didn’t take home the second book.

The story is located in the country Riona, a land torn apart by war, in which a young girl grows up as a slave. Turns out she is the long lost daughter of the old rulers and destined for greatness, the goddess of Riona helps the girl in her quest for vengeance and her rightful place on the throne.

I met the author at Castlefest and she was super nice, Femke De Vos is actually from Belgium and better yet from my province (West-Vlaanderen). We had a little chat where she asked us what we liked to read and explained a bit what books she had on the stand (all book from the same publisher called Celtica publishing), what I liked the most about her is that she first recommended a book from an other author because she thought I would like it better. After I read a random page (yes this is how i choose books, I flip it open on a random page and read it. If I like it it comes home if not it stay on the stand) I declined that book and she suggested her book. Same technique here and I have to admit I was doubtful, I liked what I read but after reading the backflap I wasn’t so sure anymore and the hubby just told me to take it (one can never have too many books)

The cover doesn’t scream fancy but trust me its a great book at the moment its only available in dutch, but I hope she will get it translated. I think I’ll go pick up the sequel next month.

I have also started reading the Marked book series, whiiii vampires ^-^ I bought the first and second book at a yard sale so I fear its going to be a search to find the 4 other book in the series 🙂


So that’s it for now, in 2 weeks we go to the Thing at Elewijt and I still have loads to do.


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