Yes yes yes, it’s hard to be a viking!

Wow, what a weekend it has been. Our first event is over and I am happy we got to meet new people and show our worth. We had some crap weather but our tarpaulin and tent sure made me proud, they stood fast and not a drop of rain came trough the tent. My shoes on the other hand… not so much.

The visitor turn out wasn’t so fantastic, some were afraid to come close and watched from a far. We didn’t sell any of our candles, but the lack of a price tag might be a reason.


We tried out a new way of setting up the tarpaulin, giving us more “living” space, however the wind come from a bad direction making sure all the smoke from the fire blew straight in our faces. But smoked meat lasts longer 😉

We had a nice line of friends, first us then Kris with his leather works, then Kristof and Angelique with the mead, then Bruno with his kid friendly set up (his moto is you can look with your fingers) and last but not least was Dirk the native american.

Bonus for us we had entertainment right before us, the battlefield.

The guy in the white gambeson inspired me for the titel, this Swedish viking (I forgot to ask his name: update his name is Jocke) kept yelling “Yes yes yes, its hard to be a viking!”. His set up, together with 2 Celts, included a viking triathlon. First you had to shoot a couple of arrows, the you had to trow an axe and finish by trowing a hammer as far as you could.


It was a great weekend and even though we had crap weather the first day we had a great time. I was so surprised how tight the reenactment family is and I’m glad we decided to be a part of it.

We might not have sold anything (which wasn’t our main purpose anyway) we sure bought stuff. I’m now the proud owner of a brass needle case (thank you hubby), some wool for the hubby’s new gloves, a small fibula to close my kaftan (post of my kaftan will follow) and some candy 🙂


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