Tent Testrun and visit to Quondam

Yay progress :p So this weekend we went to a camping site the hubby has been going to since he was little to test the tent. We came in Friday night around 9 pm and quickly set up camp, I’m still amazed how fast the geteld is set up even with a tarpaulin attached it took us less then an hour to set up the tent.


After the tent was set up we needed about 30 minutes to set up the rest, the airbed taking the longest of all ( We just realized why, our pump is broken. It has a tear down the bottom so we lost a large amount of air). As we were setting up we realized we had no hammer of flashlights with us, we had to borrow a hammer and for lighting we had to use our lanterns like real vikings used to :p.


We use a couple of modern picknick blankets, they have a plastic bottom and a woolish top. So the cold was halted a little from the bottom and all the moist stayed under it. We are not planning on leaving our tent open at events so its not important to have an authentic inside, we can go for modern comfort. There is a fleece blanket covering the airbed (again to halt the cold), a tick woolen blanket to cover us and  not shown on the picture we had to buy another woolen blanket on quondam because it was really cold at night. For winter events such as Teylingen we will need to bring Pj’s and maybe another blanket.


enjoying the view with the woolen blanket on my shoulders from quondam


So Saterday came and we went to Quondam, of course in the whole stress and rush I forgot my camera, so no pictures of quondam. 😦

We arrived rather late so some shows were already over and honestly we didn’t come for any of the shows, we came for the stalls and to make good bargains (which we did 🙂 ) Our friends from Taranartos were there as well and we got to say hi to them again 375231b0u2vl2i27

Loot time 😀


I have no idea how they call this but it holds a toothpick, tweezers, an earspoon and a small spear to clean your nails


These beauty’s were a bargain, they needed some cleaning when i got them but look how pretty they are now


Hubby loot :p He had been “nagging” about a bow for viking markets and tataaa he finally got one 😀

Also got my hands on a straw hat for sunny days since I get heat strokes VERY fast and the woolen blanket that is around my shoulders.

Well my budget flew out the door and now its time to save for litha fest which is fast approaching and i honestly cant wait.


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