More mini updates

So since I’m done with the hangerok I (finally) got started on the kaftan. I started by drawing out a pattern in my size, I hate pattern paper it rips, doesn’t fold your way and when it does fold it shouldn’t. So when I finally got to just drawing of the neck hole, I was overjoyed.


Then I started pinning it all to the wool and I started to freak out, since its the end of the roll it means if I make a mistake cutting it and wont have enough cloth, I cant go back to the store and get more. I didn’t want to start cutting, I have a little less then 2 meter and here I am just staring at my pinned pattern on the wool…

It looks like I’ll make it but I’m too afraid to cut and Litha Fest is only 3 weeks away. I will have to get over myself and cut, just not yet.


Its been a while since I wrote anything about meditation, that because I haven’t really gotten to it anymore. I know bad idea, but between work, archery, sewing and a husband ( I don’t got how people with kids handle this) I had no time at all.

After getting another near breakdown and immense exhaustion I decided to get back on the meditation train, but I needed help. Pinterest to the rescue :p

I found a great way that doesn’t take time out of my “planning”, shower meditation. Basically you stand in the shower (duh) and you imagine all the bad stuff to flow off you with the water, you mentally see it drip off you and down the drain. At the moment its the most successful way I found.

I tried downloading Headspace, but I don’t feel like paying 13€ every month for a clear mind when you can do it for free.

Last time I posted about meditation kaardawn told me about this youtuber called herspeak, she is amazing! Her voice alone will get you to just drift off and she has helped me ALOT. When you start thinking about random crap and you get frustrated because you’re meditating, thats not supposed to happen. Wrong and she helped me understand that, we make it so much harder then it is. Go check her out and enjoy her voice…


Oh and a while back me and the hubby went walking in the forest and it looked like a fairy tale



Tent Testrun and visit to Quondam

Yay progress :p So this weekend we went to a camping site the hubby has been going to since he was little to test the tent. We came in Friday night around 9 pm and quickly set up camp, I’m still amazed how fast the geteld is set up even with a tarpaulin attached it took us less then an hour to set up the tent.


After the tent was set up we needed about 30 minutes to set up the rest, the airbed taking the longest of all ( We just realized why, our pump is broken. It has a tear down the bottom so we lost a large amount of air). As we were setting up we realized we had no hammer of flashlights with us, we had to borrow a hammer and for lighting we had to use our lanterns like real vikings used to :p.


We use a couple of modern picknick blankets, they have a plastic bottom and a woolish top. So the cold was halted a little from the bottom and all the moist stayed under it. We are not planning on leaving our tent open at events so its not important to have an authentic inside, we can go for modern comfort. There is a fleece blanket covering the airbed (again to halt the cold), a tick woolen blanket to cover us and  not shown on the picture we had to buy another woolen blanket on quondam because it was really cold at night. For winter events such as Teylingen we will need to bring Pj’s and maybe another blanket.


enjoying the view with the woolen blanket on my shoulders from quondam


So Saterday came and we went to Quondam, of course in the whole stress and rush I forgot my camera, so no pictures of quondam. 😦

We arrived rather late so some shows were already over and honestly we didn’t come for any of the shows, we came for the stalls and to make good bargains (which we did 🙂 ) Our friends from Taranartos were there as well and we got to say hi to them again 375231b0u2vl2i27

Loot time 😀


I have no idea how they call this but it holds a toothpick, tweezers, an earspoon and a small spear to clean your nails


These beauty’s were a bargain, they needed some cleaning when i got them but look how pretty they are now


Hubby loot :p He had been “nagging” about a bow for viking markets and tataaa he finally got one 😀

Also got my hands on a straw hat for sunny days since I get heat strokes VERY fast and the woolen blanket that is around my shoulders.

Well my budget flew out the door and now its time to save for litha fest which is fast approaching and i honestly cant wait.

The Norse gods: Frigg


The wife of Odin, mother of Baldr, goddess of motherhood, marriage, fertility, love, home and household crafts. She has the power of divination but she will never tell what she knows. She has 12 handmaidens who assist her with her household and everyday life, they all have an important role.


Her first handmaiden is Saga, the storyteller, she knows all the names of the ancestors and is said to drink beer all day and tell tales to those who will listen. She helps us remember the past and write stories or history.

Second is Eir, the healer, she knows all the herbs and their effect. She travels to where she is needed most and will serve as a “dokter” to whoever needs her.

Third is Gefion, the earth, she gives us the earth and all that grows upon it. She is the goddess of harvest and abundance, you will never run short when she is around since she gives like a mother gives.

Next is Fulla, the keeper of secrets, she keeps all the mysteries of women in her box.

Sjofn, the heart, she is the one who tells our hearts to love, not just attraction or lust but unity and true love.

Lofn, permission. She’s a blank page in my book :s

Var, the oath keeper, she is the one who makes sure we keep our oaths, such as marriage or a contract.

Vor, the aware, she knows all and if she doesn’t know she’ll find out.

Syn, the guard, she helps us say no and cut the ties with the ones that hurt us. She helps us set boundaries.

Hlin, the protector, she is the wing under which we shelter when we are afraid. She stands for personal protection and the need to protect those we care for.

Snotra, the lady, she stands for everything ladylike and gentle in a woman, she also stands for etiquette and social behavior.

Last but not least Gna, the messenger, she is freedom of speech and the right to be heard.

All together these handmaiden empower the goddess Frigg and give her all of her virtues.


When her son Baldr started having dreams indicating that his life was in danger, he told his mother and she went around the 9 realms to ask all things (disease, elements, animals,…,…) to never harm the god.

They all took the oath and when Frigg went back to Valhalla, the gods wanted to test the oath so they started trowing things at Baldr. Everything just bounced of him, proving that the oath worked. Frigg had asked everything to take the oath, except for mistletoe and when the god Loki found out about that, he crafted a small dart out of mistletoe. He tricks the blind god Hodr to trow the dart and to the horror of all the present gods, the mistletoe goes straight trough Baldr killing him on the spot.

Frigg offers all her love and favour to the god willing to ride to Muspleheim and to ask Hell to release Baldr and let him return to Valhalla. The brother of Baldr, Hermodr, accepts and sets out to demand his brother back from the goddess of death.

In the meanwhile, Baldr is given a great funeral attended by nearly all the beings of the 9 realms. The wife of Baldr, Nanna, dies of grief and is placed on the pyre with her husband.

Once in Muspleheim Hermodr finds his brother and Nanna and demands Hell to let them go, she tells him that the only way she will let the gods go is if all things will weep for Baldr. This agreement fails since all but 1 would weep for the god, it is said that Loki would not weep for Baldr and when the other gods find out Loki crafted the mistletoe dart his is bound until the ragnarok.