The Norse gods: Njord

Since there isn’t much to report on our viking adventures (and this for at least another month) I decided to do a weekly post about the Norse gods and what they mean to me. Starting with the god who is the second most important one to me, Njord.



Njord is the father of Freyr and Freya, ex-husband of Skadi and lord of the sea, fertility, wealth and sailing. The story of how he got married to Skadi is one of the most popular tales of the edda and one of my favorites, along with the one about Thor and how he dressed up as Freya but that’s for a different post.

The tale goes like this: The gods had slain Skadi’s father and she came to seek restitution, Odin was so impressed that the giantess came all by herself to “wage war” on the gods that he allowed he to pick a husband based on their feet. Skadi chose to nicest looking feet, think she had picked the god Baldr, however she was dissapointed to find out that the feet belonged to the old god Njord.  They married and made a deal to live half the year in Njords halls by the sea (wich Skadi hated) and half the year in Skadi’s halls in the mountains (wich Njord hated). Their marriage was short lived as neither could enjoy what the other loved and they soon parted ways.When Njord left the mountains he said “Hateful for me are the mountains,I was not long there,only nine nights.The howling of the wolves sounded ugly to me after the song of the swans.” to which Skadi responded “Sleep I could not on the sea beds for the screeching of the bird.That gull wakes me when from the wide sea he comes each morning.”


The main reason why Njord is important to me is that we live by the sea and even thought I might not like it, it has always played an important role in my life. Walking on the beach can calm me in a way nothing else can, it often feels as if my sorrow blows away and even thought I hate sand, the sea will always be my home.

The other reason is that for every job interview I had at my current job, I begged Njord for his assistance and blessing. Must have worked since I got the job, to which I am grateful since its filling the treasury.


Next week: Loki


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