A love letter to novels

I love to read and I have loads of books, but I just realized that no matter how long you haven’t picked up a book, it will still be there for you. A book wont hate you for being left behind, it will take you on the adventure it promises all the same. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked it up for 1 moth or 3 years, it will still be a portal to a world of adventure, a world you could have never dreamed of and an adventure you would’ve never dared do in a million years.


I have stood by a red haired daughter of judas, fighting along side an oversexed werewolf, against a clan of Irish banshees. I stood by an English soldier, in Napoleonic times, fighting for the right to keep his dragon. I traveled with a young native American girl, all the way to Greenland and Sweden where she would marry a viking. I have seen a dwarf change from orphan, to hero and fall from grace to become a villain. I have cried with a young woman when she saw her sister die in front of her, but I have also laughed and smiled with the same woman when she realized how much she loved that one boy.


My point is that no matter how dark this world looks, a novel will always take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. They can be amazingly good or terribly sad, but in this world there is no hatred against you and the heroes of these worlds welcome you with open arms.

Thank you to the authors of such wonderful worlds, you give me a portal to escape reality and go to places I know I will never be able to visit in real life. Thank you for making me laugh or cry with each page I turn. You truly posses a wonderful gift, please never waste it…




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