Easter at Archeon

Today we set out to what we thought would be a fantastic day at the first viking market of the season. Boy were we wrong!

When we arrived at Archeon the parking lot was fairly full so we thought it would be another great event and there would be plenty stalls to buy from. However once inside we soon discovered it to be very different, there were maybe 5 or 6 stalls with items. Needles to say we were very disappointed, but it wasn’t all for not.



Since we were at the stand from the Daugava Sibbe vikings, we said hello :p My main purpose were scissors and I found them for a very good price, score 1 and thank you Dirk 😀

A little further into the park we came across this nice German man who had beautiful glass beads, hubby bought me 4 gorgeous ones, score 2 😀 This kind man also reminded me I really need to learn German so its easier to communicate with other vikings.


Since it wasn’t only vikings at Archeon we took a little peek at the 18th century encampment, but again there weren’t a lot of  people there 😦

Hubby scored a nice woolen comb woven band for his kaftan so that’s score 3.

We were rather sad since we really looked forward to the start of the season and hubby really wanted to have a go at the archery stand (which wasn’t open). I am however happy we were able to score some nice items and got to say hi to the Daugava Sibbe clan.

Next up is Quondam, even thought its a 15th century event we were able to get some nice items there last year (like my fox) and I’m hoping to get some jewelry and some wool. After that its Litha Fest, our first event where we wont be just visitors but actually part of the gig 😀


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