The kaftan project


A while ago my husband told me he wanted to get a kaftan for colder events, now that we would actually be spending the nights on some events things would get colder fast. So we stocked up on cloth for his kaftan and well I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous grey wool and the musterdish yellow linnen.cloth collection

The grey linnen would be the lining for his kaftan while the brown wool would be the outer. Of course I’m an idiot and I only took a progress shot when it was almost ready 😦

kaftan one sleeve

I totally underestimated the work that goes into making this (and I do most of it with a machine :p) So far the kaftan was the hardest most labor intensive viking piece of clothing I made and I have one more to go, mine. I am not looking forward to it, I thought it would just be a tunic with an open front which happend to have 2 layers of cloth. But it was so much more then that and after his first fitting my husband noticed that the armholes were too small and the nek hole didn’t line up, back to the sewing machine it was.

You can imagine how happy I was to have this over with. There will be fur or tablet woven bands attached to it as soon as he figures out what he wants but it is wearable and that was the main goal.

And of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t start a last minute project on my items. I started doing a seam finish on my hangerok called the vandyck stitch and honestly after one seam, I’m starting to regret my choice since the first viking market is at the end of the month and I just started my new job. Looks like my weekends are packed :p



3 thoughts on “The kaftan project

    • Thank you 🙂
      I havn’t figured out what im gonna do with my wool thought, the yellow linnen is for a hangerok. But i couldnt leave the wool behind and its only 1m80 so its not enough for a kaftan 😢


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