Viking closet part 1

I remember about a year ago I was searching the web far and wide for a list of some kind of what vikings wore, preferably with pictures of how it looked. The thing is, I also remember not finding such a list and hence having to puzzle together the outfits based on full dressed pictures.

So for the ones that are still in search of such a list, here is mine 😀440723aasr90zpk9

I’ll start with the ladies, seeing as that easiest for me.

Viking women


  1. Layer 1, consists of a linnen undertunic/dress called a serk. Mine is a natural linnen colour and most of them are, but some dye them blue,red, orange. Its really a matter of taste.
  2. Layer 2, (optional) a linnen or woolen serk, this all depends on the weather. But let me tell you, I was very happy to have an extra layer on teylingen market ^-^ You could basically go wild colourwise, as long as it was possible in the viking age. (I’ll post a picture of some off the colors available below)
  3. Layer 3, the apron dress or hangerok or smokr (i’m not sure about this one). This can also be linnen or wool, again depending on the weather. And again colour is your choice.

Tortoise brooches

To hold the hangerok up women would wear brooches, depending on your wealth these would be made from anything bonelike to gold. Most common are the tortoise brooches, these oval pins were hooked in the loops of the hangerok to hold it up but they didn’t only serve that purpose.woman_fibula

In between those brooches women would wear strands of beads with amulets and again depending on how rich you were those beads would vary from crystal to amber to glas and even silver. Another thing depending from your wealth was how many strands you would wear, the more gold in your husbands chest the more bling would adorn your clothing.



The belt is open for discussion, some don’t wear one and some do. I personally have to much crap to drag around not to and honestly I wouldn’t miss any chance on extra bling. Belts can be leather or tabletwoven bands, again this is open for discussion since some will say women only wore tabletwoven bands back then and others (like me) are a little more open minded on the matter and wear a leather belt.


Remember when I said extra bling, I really meant it.

The most important item on your belt is your knife (this is the same for men), the knife is your symbolic ticket to freedom. It shows you are a free (wo)man and not a slave, if you however don’t want to wear a belt, you can wear your knife (thought a smaller version) suspended from a chain attached to one of your brooches.

9bd1ce2bf58143e08e555e75e3df2874 (2)

knife suspended from brooches


There doesn’t seem to be any difference between men and women on this, so if its found you can wear it no matter if you are male or female 😀

adfa030b93a8198fa79ebc42b1a1cfe1Of course sock are advised though here there are no options, you can have needlebound socks made from wool but you can chose the length so you got that going for you :p But honestly not a soul will see what you wear in your shoes (I’m a bad reenactor :D)


Kaftans,hoods and cloaks

Still cold with all your layers of wool? No problem, you can still wear a kaftan, a hood or a cloak.

The kaftan is basically a long coat, similar to the ones we wear today. Only this coat needs a belt or brooch to stay closed, they were often decorated (depending on how rich you were) with embroideries, tabletwoven bands,fur, silk or posamente ( a type of silver adornment).e7df11157c1454162061cd6b29210af2

Cloaks were short on the front and longer in the back, they were made in such a manner that the hands were free for working or in a man’s case fighting.


That were the ladies, but I keep thinking I’m forgetting things and I probably am but if they pop into my mind I will post them with the men. I will spare you from a longer post and will post the men separate.

And as an added bonus a very awkward foto of me in my first kit :p



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