The past few weeks I noticed that my anxiety was getting the better off me, I was nervous to meet up with friends, I was scared to go to a store and worst of all my marriage is starting to feel it as well.

I usually game it off but this time no game really helps, so I was on the lookout for something new. First in mind is Yoga, but I honestly don’t feel like going to a class, more anxiety in sight there. I might give youtube yoga lessons a go see how that works out, but for now I am going to give meditation a shot.


I tried meditation before, but I would end up getting upset about the fact that random thoughts just popped up, like now. I was trying to meditate when the thought “I should blog something, oh I know lets tell them how my meditating fails XD”

And then there’s the itchy nose and my cat wanting attention at the exact moment it starts to work 😦 I don’t seem to able to clear my mind and funny enough its stressing me out. I’m not giving up just yet thought, meditation isn’t going to get rid of me that easily :p



Meditation trials

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