What is Reenactment?

So a while back I got this idea for a blogpost but I needed help from my Facebook peeps, I asked them what the first questions were that they would ask someone who told them they did reenacting.

When I asked on my private Facebook not many people answered so I had to turn to my cosplay Facebook pages and sure enough the questions flew in.

So lets start with the first question, the most asked question of all and the one every reenactor faces when they announce they do reenacting.

What is reenacting? Its rather simple, reenacting is about re-acting a period in time as correctly as you can. This includes dressing like people of that period, using the correct cloths like wool and linnen in my case, vikings did not have lycra 😉 Cooking on open fire, in a kettle and in most cases period accurate foods. Sleeping in period accurate tents, we cant just flop open one of those “easy” tents. Eating with period accurate cutlery and from correct plates and bowl.

How historically correct is it? We strive to be as accurate as possible, of course for certain periods this is easier then others. We mostly work on archaeological finds, but as in all things some people are more stern about it then others.

How much preparation did it take you and how do you know its correct? Research! A lot of it. Thank Odin we live in the age of technology and we have a library in our hands or it would have taken us dubbel the time to get everything ready. I was also lucky to have people assist me, I could ask here and there: is this okay? Is this accurate? But the greatest help was the interwebs, finding blogs, pinterest (yes I warned you I love Pinterest), visiting markets. It took us about 4 months to get our first kits ready, of course they don’t look the same anymore now but we did move at full speed. I remember the first hangerok I made was 4 sizes too big, made a mistake with the calculations and my first serk is much too wide and I really still need to fix that.

Where do you get all the clothing and stuff? Are they comfortable? Most of the clothing is handmade by me, yay me :p Some things like Dieter’s pants we bought, I didn’t feel like sewing 6 meters of linnen into a pants. Shoes and first accessories we bought on a website called celticwebmerchant, we bought things like Dieter’s seax, his belt pouch,shoes and my turtle brooches. But now most things are bought at events and at every stand, if they have a card, you can be sure I will take it with me. Oh and if I could, if society wouldn’t frown on it, I would dress like a viking EVERY DAY. I love it, its very free and comfy.

Whats the goal of reenacting? Basically to have fun, to learn about history and to teach the visitors of the events. But mostly fun

Would you have survived in that period? So far so good :p I honestly don’t know, I like to think I would, but then again lets be real, would you?

Did you need to learn a lot? I still do, I still learn every day. At every event people come with new tips and tricks that we couldn’t have thought of in a million years. They have been doing it for decades, we only for a year. Its like life, the older you are the better you get at it.

How do you come in contact with all those people? Events, plain and simple. Viking reenactors are super social and I have to say it helps to have balls and not be afraid to ask something. But most people we have met so far were extremely helpful and very eager to lend a helping hand. Of course social media is a huge helping hand as well and then there is the thing that knowing some people leads you to other people, who will in turn introduce you to other people.

And then this one who came from a friend: Do you prefer it over working? Well of course what kind of question is that :p



Any other questions you want answered? Please, don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll try my best to answer all of them.



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