My very first fotoshoot

A while back I saw a facebook post, a young lady was looking for models to do a lingerie shoot. At first I didn’t think it would be anything for me, I ignored it and scrolled on. The next day I saw that a friend shared the post and I thought of it again, I could do it, it could be fun, I should take someone along with me. So I ended up sending a private message to the lady in question, she asked for 2 pictures of my face and my sizes and she would let me know something when the selection had been done.

Time passed by and I ended up thinking I hadn’t been picked, so I forgot about it and moved on. I think it was the next day she pm’ed me saying I made the selection and she sent me a contract, we set a date, a time and she asked me to bring some props.

All good until the day came, I was very very nervous. I might have “forced” my husband to tag along :p

Anyway everything went great and I had fun, apparently I was a natural.

These are some of the shots.

so there you have it, there is more to this little viking reenactor then meets the eye


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