Keeping busy during the winter break part 2

Since my internship starts Monday, I decided to make today a productive day and not get seduced back onto world of warcraft. So far so good, I have cut the 2 skjoldehamn hoods I promised my friends and am halfway sowing on my husbands woven trim on his tunic.


Its tedious work, so I took a little break to write this post ^-^ After I’m done (which i hope will be today), I’ll finally finish the gloves i started “finishing” in the last winter break post, then come the skjoldehamn hoods.

I’ve also decided I wanted to try my hand at spoon carving and while browsing the net found a cheap spoon knife so I can try it out. Its rather good quality seeing that I only paid €7 but since my knife and chisels are still on way I cant really try it out yet.

Hubby had to sharpen the edges a little and I might have to replace the handle soon, but hey €7 its a nice deal.

That’s it for today, I’m gonna close this off with what i woke up to this morning. I hope it makes you smile as much as I did.




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