The beeswax experiment

Yesterday we needed to go to a garden store to pick up some things for the mother in law, but while we were there we made a real cool discovery. They had beeswax, we had ordered some from a friend but it would only get delivered around januari. So of course my husband, impatient as he is, bought a pack and some wick.

When we came home all I wanted was to relax a little since I have been coming down with a little winterblues. My husband set out our fire plate in the yard and got a little fire going, I pulled out my little stool and let the bliss of the fire overcome me.


I love sitting by a real fire and the bonus of smelling like a viking market for days makes it amazing.

Of course since my husband had bought wax he wanted to get going straight away, so while I was sitting by the fire he started melting the wax in a tin coffee pot.


Seems like he found his new craft ^-^

His first little candle got a test run in our lantern straight away.

Beeswax doesn’t smell bad at all like paraffine does wich makes it a lot more fun to burn and my mother in law couldn’t complain about the horrid smell since there was none. Hopefully he will have perfected his craft before our first event so that he can sell some of his pretty creations


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