The ever dreaded task

I don’t know about you, but I hate gift wrapping and yet every year I end up making it harder and harder on myself by buying the weirdest shaped items I can find. This year my challenge was a wooden axe and shield for my nephew, it looks horrid wrapped believe me.



My husband came up with the fantastic idea to give bottles of wine to his grandparents, I have never wrapped a bottle in my life. So i set out to the magnificent internet in search of the perfect tutorial to gift wrap bottles. I came across a few YouTube videos and pinterest post on how to wrap a bottle but none looked like what I had in mind, because of course I do not only want it to be easy, NO I want a bloody masterpiece with brown paper and burlap oh and twine of course.

I came across this marvel

Ok its not brown paper or burlap or even twine, but its adjustable and easy and I can make it a masterpiece. Hurray! Lets get wrapping.

This is the result


A sparkly tag and a couple of mini balls for colour ^-^


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