Keeping busy during the winterbreak

Since the winter break started I have been postponing my viking related crafts, I still have a lot to do before next season. My husband however has been very busy with the table he made, trying to set up our tent while it looked like it was going to be a good day, he even designed and painted a flag for our group.

Me however, I started needlebinding a glove and it stayed half done for over a month, I have 2 hoods to make and my serk and hangrok need some adaptation.

I got my shit together this weekend and finally finished that one glove and I even started on the second one (yay me).


glove one nearly done

I really like needlebinding its the only “knitting” I don’t screw up since its to simple and easy to do.


Glove one done and nr 2 in the making ^-^

I was shown how to needlebind by a lovely lady at the archeon easter viking market. Well actually my husband was shown since he would needlebind, he ended up taking over my cardweaving and I got into needlebinding. We had just bought the bone needle from the Otilia clan stand, when I spotted the lovely German lady busy making gloves (I think). So I got all my bravery together and asked her if she could show us how its done, of course she could show us. She motioned my husband to go sit next to her and with utmost care she explained step by step, it took about 30 minutes before he got the hang of it but eventually he had a nice strand in Oslo stitch ( which is the only stitch I master :s).

When we got home he told me he didn’t like needlebinding and I took to youtube for video’s on how to, we weren’t going to let that needle go to waste. I found this one lady who’s video’s are the best in my opinion and other then trying to show you my step by step, I’ll just link you to her youtube channel. There isn’t a chance I could explain it the way she does. So if you want to give it a shot HERE is where you need to be.

And last but not least, I can now announce the secret event we are invited to.

Litha Fest is a celtic and viking gathering to celebrate the summer solstice, there will be a market, workshops, concerts, live cooking,..,…
There will be so much to do, I cant wait.



One thought on “Keeping busy during the winterbreak

  1. Hi Kushuri, wat ontzettend leuk dat ik op je blog terecht ben gekomen. Ik ben me sinds kort aan het verdiepen is Asatru, werk al wel langer met het pantheon.
    Vind je blog er echt heel creatief uit zien en ben benieuwd naar je komende artikelen.
    B*B Súrion – MissMoonMagick

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