Like a virgin…

My very first blog post and to be honest I might be a little too excited about it…


I have been thinking about a blog for a very long time, well basically since February 2015 when we got started with reenacting. I had this urge to report everything we did, failure and success.  Today, after reading another post on how easy and fun it was to have a blog on pinterest, I decided today was going to be the day! And tattaaa here it is my very own blog.

So now comes the first post, after a long thought what better way to start then with the last viking market of the season: Teylingen viking market.

Teylingen Viking Market was organised by Patrick Hoogeboom of Daugava Vikings, in cooperation with the Rüine Teylingen and was one of the biggest viking markets I have seen so far. The Ruine site was the perfect location and my husband and best friend could not help themselves with a small battle.


The weather was rather crisp so I was happy that my woolen serk (underdress) and hangerok (apron dress) were finished in time, thought i might wear a legging under my skirts next time since the wind had a bad habit of sneaking under my skirts.


There were traders from 8 countries to sell their wonderful goods, such as glass beads, woodwork, shoes, maed,…

DSCN7637 DSCN7638 DSCN7639 DSCN7641 DSCN7640 DSCN7642 DSCN7643 DSCN7644 DSCN7645 DSCN7646 DSCN7647  The cutest mini tents I have ever seenDSCN7648Of course when we meet a friend we have to act silly, for the Belgian readers among you, you can buy the best mead at the finest price on his website
DSCN7650 DSCN7651 DSCN7652 DSCN7655

It was a fantastic day and when we came home we were struck by a heartbreak convention-goers know all too well as post-con depression, I guess we can now also name it post-vikingmarket depression.

We look forward to the day when we will attend a market with our very own tent, the supplies are already waiting patiently for the arrival of our tent. And with that piece of white canvas our very own adventure will truly begin…


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